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A Bit About Us

Even though not a true Junior, we often call ourselves the Carver Jnrs to avoid confusion. Richard Jon Carver is the son of Richard & Margaret Carver, and was born on the mission field in Papua New Guinea in 1974. Ever since I have lived and loved missions, working with my Mum & Dad in New Guinea, New Zealand, Fiji and still now in Australia.

Much of my experience has come from watching my father and living in the middle of the action, so to speak. Having obtained a Bachelor in Information Systems by extramural study, I was made the HQ Office/Information Manager in Fiji. In 1995, when Mum & Dad went to the USA for deputation (fundraising), I was made pastor of the International Church in Suva, Fiji.

It was during this time that I met Andrea at a Youth Service held in Australia. Andrea was attending the church in Melbourne Australia. A few letters and phone calls later, she came across to Fiji and we got married on the 14th of August, 1998.

We left Fiji in April 2001, just two weeks after our little baby girl Laura was born. Moving back to Australia with my parents, we readjusted to Western life, I got a job at a Real Estate office, and we settled down.

But not for long. After working for almost two years, I by faith stepped out into starting my own Computer Consultancy. The purpose of this was to give us more time to be able to do ministry. I still do outcalls and fix computers (under sufferance), but much prefer the spare time when I can create tracts, newsletters, and materials for missions. My computer knowledge has been of great assistance; Fiji still benefits from the system I implemented; Papua New Guinea has now got it, and Dad couldn't survive without it!

Laura & TimotyWe now have another child, Timothy, named in honour of the relationship between me and my father. Both have red hair, and are our pride and joy!

We are AIMers with the North American church, and are very grateful to those who support us. Our long-term vision is to be fully supported in Missions work, continuing to help wherever we can.

You can find out what we've been doing by looking at our latest Newsletter.

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