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PNG 25th Annual National Conference 2005

March 25-27, 2005

This report is the full Conference Report. For a shorter version, click here.

Waiting in the sun
Waiting in the hot sun for more of the Word of God

The 25th Annual conference was held in Goroka, Eastern Highlands. This meeting was much anticipated with a number of guests coming from overseas. A week prior to the conference, Brother Dennis Jacobsen from Townsville, Australia arrived in the capital city, Port Moresby for a Regional Conference. During the three days of preaching and teaching 92 received the Holy Ghost. A righteous intensity was evident from the start as all worshipped God, reaching out for whatever he had for them (read more of Bro Jacobsen's experiences in Port Moresby...)

Our special guest speaker for the National Conference was Foreign Missions Director, Bruce Howell, who was also accompanied by Brother Terry Fleetwood. The church in PNG were excited about this visit and great plans were made for a red carpet welcome at the Goroka airport on the Sunday morning. However, early that day we were alarmed to hear there was fuel crisis with the airlines in Port Moresby and the plane to bring Brother Howell was delayed indefinitely!

The crisis only worsened over the coming days, leaving our guests stranded and having to contend with crowds in the hot and humid Port Moresby airport, for reallocation of flights and seating. This pattern continued for the next four days. Our conference was to begin Friday night, and by Wednesday we had Brother and Sister Brian Henry (former missionaries to PNG) also in Port Moresby. Brother Denny, our regional director was now stranded in the Solomon Islands because of the fuel crisis. All our guests were in the country but unable to get to the Conference location. Goroka is 5,200 feet above sea level in the mountains of this beautiful country and is only accessible from the capital city by air.

Bruce Howell
Guest Speaker Rev. Bruce Howell

By Thursday there appeared to be some hope for the fuel crisis. Brother Howell called us to say they planned to be on a morning flight. This became reality when we met them in Goroka, much to the relief of all concerned! The Lord was so good to help us out in these unexpected situations. Brother Denny called to tell us he had a flight out of the Solomons and hoped to join us in Goroka the next day.

All our guests had now arrived in time for the National conference. From all parts of the country church members began arriving in time for the Friday night meeting. This evening appeared to be our largest crowd with an estimated 9000. Brother Howell preached to an expectant crowd who responded to his message “The red cord in the window”. Rahab hung the red cord in her window to signify she wished to be kept safe when the Israelites attacked Jericho. Br Howell told the story of poor mountain people in El Salvador who faced rebels coming into the church. The church continued to worship during the speech by the rebels. Finally the rebels came to the front of the church and pointed guns at the congregation. But they kept on worshipping. The church in PNG is going to keep going on. There is nothing to stop the church! Keep the red cord in the window!
Before Brother Howell had finished preaching people were at the altar calling on God. That first night we saw 58 receive the Holy Ghost and 35 were baptised in Jesus name.

Saturday morning began with the Ladies Auxillary promotion. Sister Sinakadi did a wonderful job in presenting the theme for this year along with our Mothers Memorial goal of K50 per lady. The drama presented by the ladies showed the great needs in the country for help with Bible School, Missions, Youth and Sunday School.

Praying at Altar
Praying at the Altar

Brother Howell preached in the morning service on the subject “I feel the rain”. He told how in India recently 42 Hindu priests have been baptised in Jesus name. This included a Head priest. In Nigeria over 1000 trinitarian preachers have recently been baptised in Jesus name. At the close of his preaching Brother Howell had the ministry come to the front stage area. Over 150 gathered round the stage and the congregation and guests prayed for the work of the ministers in PNG.
Saturday evening was to be the last for Brother Howell as he was to fly out the next morning. A crowd of about 5000-6000 gathered. At the altar service Br Howell called all the ministers to come forward and face the congregation. Then he called for all who had not received the Holy Ghost to come forward and pray. Hundreds came forward and within minutes they were receiving the Spirit. To keep a count on those who received the Holy Ghost, the ministry were asked take them to one side of the altar. Before us we saw a river of people being taken from the front of the platform to the side, as one after another received their own glorious infilling of the spirit. This continued for over an hour and by this time we had counted at least 500, both adult and child alike!

On Sunday morning the Sunday School promotion was held with much excitement on the part of the children. This excitement was heightened by a “cowboy” leading a horse across the front of the hundreds of children seated on the grass waiting for the Sunday School to begin. Sister Bennie Metta did a good job presenting the Save our Children goal for the year, as well as promoting the Translation committee. A number of people were introduced to the conference as early members of the first Sunday School in Gogl village in 1973. One of the men, Brother Yalgene was the first Sunday School teacher along with Sister Margaret.

Special items were presented by the Eastern Highlands and Northern Region Sunday School. The first was a drama and song, telling of the homeless and unloved children and how Christian children can reach out to these ones. The second item was an action song “Western style’ with the children dressed in black and white and cowboy hats. It was exciting to see the children take their place on the stage with the musical instruments and three young ladies stand at the microphones to lead the song.

Sister Margaret was the special speaker. The subject was “Sunday School the foundation of the Church” (2 Timothy 3:15). Those who were the pioneer members of the Sunday School in Gogl (Totono Sine, Betty Waim, Rose Mumunga, Dru Tagimba, along with teacher YalGene) were testimony to the power of a good Sunday School.

The Henry's Farewell
Farewelling the Henry's

Sunday morning was a special Farewell service for the Henrys who had spent 8 years as missionaries in PNG. Brother Conrad Wettao recounted their many years of service and some of the hardships they had suffered. Gifts were presented from various regions and then time was given for individuals to come and show their appreciation. Hundreds of people stood in line to farewell Brother and Sister Henry. Following this Brother Henry preached from his heart from Joshua 4:6-14. The promises God gives become reality. God has bought the Carvers here to take Hebron and now there will be peace and not fighting. Br Henry had one request – he would love to see many Papua New Guineans in heaven!

Sunday night began with the Home Missions promotion by Brother Ulka. He told of the vision of Home Missions and presented the conference with a challenge- Matthew 18:20 and 15 minutes of prayer each night for the work of Home Missions in PNG.

The last service was preached by our Regional Director, Richard Denny. He preached from Micah 3:12, 4:1-2. At the close of his message many more came to the altar and a further 63 received the Holy Ghost.

Bro Howell praying
"... rivers of living water..."

Totals for the conference:

  • 56 baptised
  • Fri night: 58 received the Holy Ghost
  • Sat night: 500
  • Sun night: 63
  • Port Moresby with Br Jacosbsen: 92 received the Holy Ghost.
  • TOTAL: 750 filled and 87 baptised. These numbers are after other reports came in when conference had finished.

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