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Kainantu Report

We were pleased to receive a wonderful report from the Kainantu District. They have just held their Sectional Conference, and since many areas are remote, it was their first opportunity to bring local church reports to the General Secretary.

Not only was the Sectional Conference a blessing, but God has been moving at the local church level also, with many churches reporting healings. This includes a woman who was dead for 3 days; but through the prayers of the saints, she was raised to life again! Many have started attending the church because of this miracle.

Also, a whole church and congregation has joined the United Pentecostal Church, and will be having an official declaration and dedication on July 5th, 2005.

Bro Sinakadi, the General Secretary, writes:

This is a brief report regarding the Kainantu District in the Eastern Highlands of PNG. It is amazing to see what the LORD is doing for this particular area after some years of silence. The report was obtained by Brother D. Matam (Presbyter) on his recent visit to Kainantu with Brother G. Sopa on 1st May 2005 during the Section 6 Conference.

Section 6 Conference:

  • 5 Baptised
  • 17 filled with the Holy Spirit
  • 3 Healings
  • 9 others gave their names to be baptised in their local churches

Local Churches:

  • 79 Baptised
  • 120 filled with the Holy Spirit
  • 53 healings
  • 2 miracles, including a woman dead for 3 days was raised by the prayers of saints in the name of JESUS. Through this miracle, lots of people are attending our church for church services.

Preaching Points:

  • 5 Preaching Points established, Ontenu, Urara, Arona, "A" Wan, 5 Mile.

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