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Rev Grandquist
National Conference 2006, with Bro. Richard Grandquist our Guest Speaker

PNG National Conference 2006 , Goroka

Easter 2006

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The national conference was once again held in the highlands of Goroka during the Easter weekend. Guest speakers were Rev Richard and Nancy Granquist from California. Other guests who attended were Rev Trevor Elliott, from Cairns, Australia and Sis Sheila Waddle, Aimer in PNG, our son Rev Richard J Carver, ourselves and of course the Peter Gration family who live on site in Goroka.
Sea of Umbrellas
A sea of umbrellas to hear the preaching

Friday evening

Heavy rain preceded the first meeting on Friday, but this did not dampen any expectations and as we stood on the platform that evening we could see, under the sea of umbrellas the faces of many thousands of people worshipping God. They continued to stand there for the great message Brother Grandquist preached ‘Three things Jesus knows about the grave’, which resulted in many seeking God at the altar and eight being filled with the Holy Ghost.


Sis Grandquist
Sis Grandquist ministering in song

The next morning the sun shone brightly and the muddy ground soon dried out. The weather had been exceptionally wet for some weeks preceeding the conference and we had made it a matter of special prayer for the weather to remain fine during our services. Our prayers were answered on Saturday and it was not until Sunday evening when the conference was over, that there was further heavy rain.

The guests were welcomed on Saturday morning with colourful leis and the conference crowd showed their excitement by applauding the visitors as they came to the platform.

Sister Grandquist ministered in song, to the ladies during the Ladies service that morning, and then, speaking on the subject “Joy” she related some of her personal experiences, which touched the hearts of the people. Her singing and enthusiasm on the keyboard was enjoyed by all. During the Ladies service that morning the Ladies President, Sister Sinakadi, told us of the great work the ‘Mothers Memorial’ fund raising had done that year. We were happy to see the highest giving region (Northern Region) and highest giving local church (West Taraka, Lae) awarded with trophy’s for their efforts. Money’s raised from such efforts as these will go toward projects of need in the country.

Altar Call
The crowd responded from their hearts

Brother Grandquist taught that morning on ‘Four things I know about God’, the crowd responding to the clarity of his message with 34 being baptised in Jesus name and a further 16 receiving the Holy Ghost.
Services on Saturday night and Sunday morning were greatly received by the crowds of up to 8000 people. Brother Grandquist did a wonderful job in reaching the hearts of the people. On Saturday night Brother Trevor Elliott from Cairns preached during the youth service on ‘A true friend’, revealing some great truths for young people to serve God more effectively. We were blessed by further great singing from Sister Grandquist and even a song from Brother Grandquist! He followed this with is preaching on ‘Where the Lord puts His name’, a truly great message to be remembered by all.


Richard & kids
A classic shot - Richard Jnr with some Sunday School children

Sunday morning began with the Sunday School promotion and various regions and churches presenting some special items. There was some great singing and reciting of Bible verses by some very small children and our hearts were touched knowing the ‘Save our children’ theme for this year is ‘A time to plant’’ and truly we were seeing the results of seed planted in young hearts.

Aimer, Sister Sheila Waddle, from Minnesota, spoke to the Sunday School, follwed by our son, Richard who so aptly preached on “Unless you become as one of these little ones.”, illustrating his message by bringing some of these little ones to the platform.

Brother Grandquist completed the wonderful conference by reaching into every ones hearts with ‘The price that love paid for you and me’. The crowd responded beautifully with a tremendous time of prayer and worship at the altar. Many were being filled with the Holy Ghost and giving their lives a fresh to God. It was not possible to count or even estimate the outcome at this time. But we can say that we know of 41 who received the Holy Spirit and a further 51 who were baptised in Jesus name over that week end.

Sunday School Sis Waddle Grandquist Preaching
Sunday School doing an item Sis Sheila Waddle, AIMer to PNG, with a PNG hat and bag on Bro Grandquist preaching

There are more pictures of the church service. Be sure to view the photo album or slideshow.


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