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Papua New Guinea

Welcome to our PNG section of the website. Bro Carver was made the General Superintendent of the work in September 2004, and since that time we have been busy travelling to and fro between PNG, Lismore and Cairns.

Read on for latest news from Papua New Guinea, or read a little history of the work.

Latest News from PNG

You can also read more about PNG in Richard Jnr's Newsletters. Click here

National Youth Leaders Training

Richard & Andrea's Newsletter - Dec 2011

Read Richard & Andrea's December Newsletter ... [more]

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National Youth Leaders Training

National Youth Leaders Training - Dec 2011

Yet another milestone was set in December: a National Youth Leaders Training seminar was held for a week in Goroka. Youth Directors and Leaders came from all over PNG, including far-off islands, to be part of this occasion.

This is yet another milestone in our history, and marks the beginning of a new and exciting phase as the Youth Department gets on the move in PNG... [more]

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Home Missionary to Daru

Home Missionary sent to Daru - Nov 2011

For a long time we have wanted to send Home Missionaries to the untouched regions of PNG. Daru is one such place. In November, God moved upon the heart of a young man from Goroka, Bro. Jack Gene and family, to go to this remote region.

This is just one of the places which the World Missions Department has reached out to in the last year. Read some of the exciting success stories of our own PNG Home Missionaries... [more]

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Bible School Development

Bible School Teacher Training - October 2011

PNG has been anticipating the resumption of full-time Bible School, which was meant to happen in 2010 and again in 2011, but for certain reasons delayed. With the arrival of the Pai's from Fiji, both Bro Pai and myself are more than keen to take on this challenge.

To help us out, we intend to train a group of core and backup teachers from the local population. This historic milestone was marked by a special Teacher Training course... [more]

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Mt Wilhelm Climb

Mount Wilhelm Climb and Crusade - Sep 2011

The Chimbu Youth held a Crusade at Gembogl and with it a climb of Mt. Wilhelm, highest mountain in PNG and the Oceania. At over 14,000 ft, it was quite an accomplishment to make it to the top.

If you haven't yet seen the photos of the mountain, it is truly spectacular.... [more]

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Paitadra Family's arrival

PNG Gets New Missionaries! - Sep 2011

We are extremely excited and grateful to have a brand new missionary family in Papua New Guinea. Rev & Sis Paitadra from Fiji arrived in PNG in September to begin work here in the Bible School and in training. Their arrival here was not without cost though; on the eve of their departure from Fiji, just as they were going to the airport, they received news that their daughter had passed away after a severe illness.

PNG is glad to have such people of dedication who are willing to dedicate themselves to PNG in spite of great personal loss.... [more]

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Print Room

Creation of a Print Room - Sept 2011

The work in the Headquarters has always been so frustrating because of lack of space. We have equipment on hand to print, but no space to put it.

So in September we got to work and with a bit of effort and elbow grease, a bright shining room rose out of the dust and cobwebs to become our brand new Print Room!... [more]

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Richard & Andrea's Newsletter

Richard & Andrea's July News - July 2011

Read Richard & Andrea's July News, detailing their trip to Mendi for the General Conference... [more]

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National Thanksgiving Day

PNG Needs YOU! - Sept 2010

This urgent request comes as we move ahead with the Bible School Development, and the great needs of PNG come to light.... [more]

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Bible School Development

Bible School Development - Sep 2010

Extremely exciting news about the PNG Bible School Development! Stage One gets underway, with some extremely dedicated workers making it happen.... [more]

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National Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Results - Aug 2010

An amazing response to our National Thanksgiving Day! The church in PNG sets new records in their push to establish the work here.... [more]

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National Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day Results - Nov 2009

An amazing response to our National Thanksgiving Day! The church in PNG sets new records in their push to establish the work here.... [more]

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Bible School Farm

Bible School Farm - October 2009

Hand in hand with Thanksgiving Day, the Bible School farm swings into full production to try to earn more income for the Bible School Development.... [more]

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Night Bible School 2009

The Story Behind the Story - May-Jun 2009

Richard Jnr divulges the "story behind the story" - the exciting and "diverse" experiences that happened during Bro Pai & Bro Nathan's visit.... [more]

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Rev. Pai tours PNG

Nation-wide Seminars - May 2009

Rev. Paitadra from Fiji comes for a month to conduct Ministers & Training seminars across PNG. He is joined by Bro Nathan and gives PNG a mighty blessing... [more]

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National Conference 2009

National Conference - Apr 2009

Our National Conference was held in Port Moresby. Rev. Robert Addington from New Zealand ministered wonderfully to the saints in this isolated city... [more]

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Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day - June 28th 2009

Papua New Guinea tries something new - a national fundraising effort to help the church and Bible School go ahead. But they need your help... [more]

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Night Bible School 2009

Night Bible School Starts! - Mar 2009

Night Bible School begins after the battle to get back to Goroka was won. And the turnup was great and exceeded expectations... [more]

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Kundiawa Crisis, Chimbu

Crisis in Kundiawa - Mar 2009

Richard Senior & Junior go to Chimbu for a Minsters & Leaders Seminar. But no one expected the battle they would face the day after!... [more]

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EHP Offering Day

Eastern Highlands Offering Day - Feb 2009

The Eastern Highlands leads the way in another new endeavour for PNG: Fundraising to establish a Missionary House and expand the Bible School... [more]

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Missions Trip to West Papua

Missions Trip to Indonesia - Dec 2008

For the first time in its history, PNG sends a Missions Team on a Fact-Finding Mission to its neighbouring country, West Papua (Indonesia)... [more]

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Nat Ladies Conf 2008

National Ladies Conference - Oct 2008

PNG invites Guest Speakers from the Fiji Islands for the Ladies Conference, the first such joint venture between the two Pacific nations... [more]

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National SS Conf 2008

National Sunday School Conf - Sep 2008

The Sunday School held its National Conference in Mt. Hagen, a blessing to the children... [more]

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Trobriand Isles

Open Door in the Trobriand Isles - Aug 2008

Our General Secretary travels to his home Islands after decades away, and discovers that there is a door open, waiting... [more]

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Clearing Bible School land

Levelling the Bible School Land- July 2008

The saints of Eastern Highlands get together to level the new Bible School block in preparation for Bible School expansion... [more]

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Visit to Kundiawa

Visit to Kundiawa - June 2008

Richard Jnr travels to Kundiawa to visit Kaulgan church on a very nostalgic visit. It is only a few miles away from where Richard Snr began missions work 35 years ago. But there are some suprises in store... [more]

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Hagen visit

Western Region Seminar - May 2008

Richard Jnr travels to Mt. Hagen for a Ministers & Leaders Seminar. However, it's not that easy... there's a huge landslide come between him and them... [more]

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National Conference 2008

National Conference - March (Easter) 2008

We have a wonderful National Conference, with Bro Richard Grandquist and Gilbert Gomes as our Guest Speakers. A generator gets stolen, but God delivers it back into our hands again... [more]

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Visit to Lufa

Visit to Lufa - Jan 2008

Join us on a visit to Lufa, scene of some amazing miracles just two weeks before our visit. There are movie clips for you to enjoy also... [more]

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Miracles at Lufa

'Notable' Miracles at Lufa - Jan 2008

A young man dead for 9 hours is raised to life again, a blind woman sees again, chronic illness is instantly removed, and people baptised in this remarkable eyewitness account during New Year's services... [more]

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Youth Conference

National Youth Conference 2007 - Dec 2007

14 people baptised and 15 filled with the Holy Spirit during the National Youth Conference. It was held in a relatively unevangelised area, with positive results for the local church there to make more inroads... [more]

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Sunday School Conferences

Sunday School Conferences - 20 Dec 2007

76 children are filled with the Holy Spirit during Sunday School Conferences. The children have a great time and are visited by Doctor Rabbit... [more]

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EHP Conference

Eastern Highlands Conference - 23 Nov 2007

The EHP Conference is a wonderful blessing, and greatly strengthens the ministry and church... [more]

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HQ Robbery

Headquarters Office Robbery - 25 Oct 2007

The Headquarters Office is robbed and equipment stolen. Upon a second attempt, the thieves are apprehended and equipment recovered... [more]

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National Conference 2007

The Gration's Newsletter - May 2007

The Gration family's pdf Newsletter about the National Conference, with people being baptised in the dark, and Nathaniel doing homework in the dark during frequent blackouts!... [more]

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National Conference 2007

AIMing in Papua New Guinea - May 2007

Sister Derfus writes her thoughts about being an AIM worker in Papua New Guinea... [more]

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National Conference 2007

PNG National Conference - April 2007

Richard & Andrea visit PNG for the National Conference; a wonderful time with 67 baptised and heart-work done. Be sure to view the video clips and photos... [more]

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Sandaun Visit

Ladies Outreach to Vanimo - March 2007

A Ladies Team travels for days to the remote Sandaun province to strengthen the ladies in the newly established churches there, amidst a lot of effort and pain... [more]

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Gration Newsletter

The Gration's Newsletter - January 2007

A visit to the Western Papua region sees the church abounding, and a Sunday School Seminar has a record turnout... [more]

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Sunday School Conference

National Sunday School Conference - Oct 2006

Over 700 children attend and 50 receive the Holy Spirit while enjoying the teaching and entertainment of the Guest Speakers Scott Jones and Anthony Gates... [more]

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Gration Newsletter

Bro Gration's Newsletter - October 2006

A series of miracles in a village leads to the conversion of many, and an idol burning ceremony causes a supernatural sign to surrounding villages... [more]

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Gration Newsletter

Bro Gration's Newsletter - June 2006

A series of miracles in a village leads to the conversion of many, and an idol burning ceremony causes a supernatural sign to surrounding villages... [more]

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Apartment Overhaul

Scenes from PNG - Easter 2006

Some general scenes from our travels in PNG during Easter 2006... [more]

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Apartment Overhaul

PNG National Conference - Easter 2006

We had a beautiful time during the Easter National Conference with Bro & Sis Grandquist as our Guest Speakers. Many thousands attended... [more]

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Apartment Overhaul

AIM Apartment Overhaul - Jan 2006

Another visit to PNG by Carvers Snr & Jnr results in more scares, a lot of hard work, but turns into a wonderful blessing for the work in PNG... [more]

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Jan 2006 Newsletter

Bro Gration's Newsletter - Jan 2006

Read some exciting reports about life in PNG... Hold-ups, landslides, conferences, Bible School, and a lot of dedicated work by Bro & Sis Gration... [more]

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Visit to Mambo Church

Visit to Mambo Church

While in PNG, we took a visit to Mambo Church. It is a lovely church along an awful road; and it had just rained monsoonally the previous night... [more]

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National Sunday School

National Sunday School Conference - Oct 2005

Brothers Scott Jones and Ian Brittain were guest speakers at the National Sunday School Conference. 40 were baptised and 50 filled with the Holy Ghost... [more]

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National Ladies Conference

National Ladies Conference & Southern Region Seminar - Oct 2005

Bro & Sis Jacobsen, from Townsville Australia, were Guest Speakers at the National Ladies Conference and Southern Region Seminar. Read the exciting report... [more]

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Ministers Conference

Ministers Conference - Sept 2005

We had a wonderful Annual Ministers Seminar with our Building Team & Bro Denny as guests. It was a great occasion and time of strengthening... [more]

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Bible School Construction

Bible School Building Construction - Sept 2005

We are so blessed to have had Bro & Sis Maxwell and their team of builders build a brand new Bible School Building for Papua New Guinea. The whole town was literally amazed to see... [more]

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The Gration Family

Bro Gration's Summer Newsletter

Read Bro Grations latest newsletter... [more]

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Bible School Land

Bro Gration's Report - Aug 2005

Read Bro Grations report on the latest progress on the Bible School land and Headquarters Office... [more]

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Youth Camp

National Youth Conference - July 2005

...we had a beautiful time of prayer and praising God. People began to cry and shout for joy. As we continued worshipping, very heavy rain began to fall. Not one person moved to shelter from the rain... [more]

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Renovation Rescue - June 2005

Stage 2 of our Headquarters Renovation, June 2005. Written by our son Richard, it details the triumphs and trials involved in getting the PNG Headquarters set up again... [more]

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Kainantu District Report

A wonderful report from the Kainantu District, which has begun to experience a move of God. A woman dead for three days was raised to life again, and... [more]

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2005 Conference

2005 National Conference

A river of people receiving the Holy Ghost... On the first evening about 9000 gathered in the open air sports ground in Goroka, the Highland town 5,200 feet in the mountains. It was with much excitement and anticipation that church members gathered... [more]

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2005 Southern Conference

2005 Southern Region Conference

The Home Missions Director, Pastor John Ulka and I were waiting for a minister from the local church to arrive when one of the members advised us that a senior pastor, Pastor Nick Gende, had been attacked the previous night... [more]

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HQ Renovation

Headquarters Renovation

One major task that requires urgent attention is the renovation to the Headquarters Office and Mission House. The building was purchased back in 1977... [more]

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Office Setup

Setting up Administration

Read of how we are trying to get the Headquarters into an operatable state... [more]

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Sunday School Conference

2004 Sunday School Conference

Our National Sunday School Conference was not like the other previous conferences. The hall was filled with children, teachers, parents and pastors... [more]

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2004 Southern Region Conference

Wednesday night Nov 17 was for Pastors and leaders at Erima Church. About 100 people attended and Bro Carver taught on ‘The Father's Word for those who feel forsaken’... [more]

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